Taking-off with confidence - A flight plan for enhanced financial reporting

Taking-off with confidence - A flight plan for enhanced financial reporting

Leveraging Pulse, the enhanced financial and operational reporting application. This Aerospace manufacturer was able to coordinate a new team around a fresh strategy pushing forward with the confidence of knowing they're supported with the right data. 


Making more confident, data-driven decision in real-time.

For a newly acquired aerospace manufacturer, gaining greater insight into the day-to-day operations was an important first step in implementing the new owner’s growth strategy.

Building a Foundation

Knowing a successful strategy would require growth through acquisitions and organic strategies, it was critical to build a scalable reporting framework that will stand up to the challenges of this growth.

Unfortunately, to date, the analysis and reporting processes were limited and highly manual in nature and the tools inherited by the team were brittle and prone to user error.

Source of Truth

OverlayAnalytics was engaged to help develop a central source of truth for all financial and operational reporting.

OA implemented Pulse which automates the company’s reporting processes and in turn allows the finance & accounting staff to reallocate their time in focusing on growth initiatives and add-on acquisitions. Through Pulse, the management team and owners can actively monitor business performance in real-time.



Working capital increase

As a result, the company now has the ability to track orders, monitor revenue and margin, as well as, identify slow-moving inventory all leading to enhanced profitability and working capital.

Are you ready to explore the impossible?

Don’t Trust Us. With all of the noise out there surrounding Big Data, we appreciate this seems improbable and so we’re asking you not to trust us, but try us.

Because at OverlayAnalytics, it’s our belief that seeing is believing.