Uncovering Impossible Answers Buried in Billions of Lines of Data.

Uncovering Impossible Answers Buried in Billions of Lines of Data.

NetSuite has over 24,000 customers and to be frank, we have yet to hear the phrase, “I just love their reporting.” While legacy ERPs are great for collecting data, getting decision-ready KPIs out is a whole other ballgame.


Uncovering Impossible Answers Buried in Billions of Lines Data.

The leadership team of a fast-growing direct-to-consumer marketing and distribution company was flying blind, buried under a mountain of transactional data.

Their NetSuite instance could barely keep up with storing reams of data, let alone making sense of it, with billions of lines of individual transactions generated on a regular basis.

Out-of-the-box thinking NetSuite reporting fell well short of expectations, and anything resembling industry-specific ratios and metrics, as well as trended analysis, was far out of the question.

But First: Clean Data

Unfortunately, this isn't a new tale. NetSuite is used by tens of thousands of businesses to support rapid expansion. While these legacy ERP tools can also capture large amounts of data, accessing, interpreting, and reporting on it is a different story.

Leveraging Rapid from OverlayAnalytics, we were able to replicate the client’s data in a secure environment. No longer held hostage by their ERPs responsiveness, answers were just waiting to be found.

With the implementation of Rapid and Pulse, OverlayAnalytics was able to help avoid the overwhelming task of producing timely reporting and insights started to appear in near real-time.

Applying the Polish: Cue the Music

We collaborated with our clients to map out their true reporting needs after we were finally able to access the raw data without worrying about results. No more canned, off-the-shelf, and disorganized studies. Instead, OverlayAnalytics used Carbon to create purposeful and well-organized reporting tables that tell users what they need to know.

With usable data in a format that suited our client's business and needs, OverlayAnalytics collaborated with the client to create intuitive and digestible reporting dashboards in Pulse, which our clients now have access to on a daily basis through our Atom platform.

From a single source of truth, our clients are now making better decisions faster. Having washed away the seemingly insurmountable challenge of organizing their data, they’re now focused on what matters most.


Are you ready to explore the impossible?

Don’t Trust Us. With all of the noise out there surrounding Big Data, we appreciate this seems improbable and so we’re asking you not to trust us, but try us.

Because at OverlayAnalytics, it’s our belief that seeing is believing.