A national fast casual needed faster reporting

A national fast casual needed faster reporting

For restaurant operators, driving guest count and efficiently managing food and labor costs is essential to profitability.


Automating the reporting process to better understand store-level performance

We worked with a 100-unit national restaurant brand to automate and improve their reporting capabilities so they could better understand and see their performance on both a consolidated and individual store basis.

Where is this trending?

Historically, performing analysis and drilling down to store level performance required a lengthy manual process due to the data coming from four different data systems for point of sale, marketing, food & labor and corporate data. Once aggregated, point in time data could be reported on, however, without the context of trends and direction of the metrics it was difficult for the company to take action.

Enter Pulse

OverlayAnalytics was engaged to implement our modern business intelligence platform and data application Pulse allowing the company to view financial and operational performance in one place and in near real-time.



reporting hours saved per week

Pulse provides information on business performance and KPIs that can be seen at a consolidated level or drilled down to a store level detail. Using Pulse, the company has been able to identify and quickly address anomalies in individual store operating performance as well as more efficiently develop granular forecasts.

Are you ready to explore the impossible?

Don’t Trust Us. With all of the noise out there surrounding Big Data, we appreciate this seems improbable and so we’re asking you not to trust us, but try us.

Because at OverlayAnalytics, it’s our belief that seeing is believing.