Plastic wrapper: From pileup to roll-up

Plastic wrapper: From pileup to roll-up

With the implementation of Rapid and Pulse, OverlayAnalytics was able to help this private equity-owned plastic manufacturer avoid an expensive ERP implementation and standardize reporting across multiple ERPs


Gain a consolidated view of an operating company without sacrificing the details

This private equity firm knew a successful roll-up strategy required getting to a level of integration that would allow them to effectively capitalize on the synergies that were projected in Pro-forma valuations.

Pile-up vs Roll-up

When a private equity-owned plastic manufacturer approached us, the story was all too familiar. A roll-up strategy was putting increased strain on the finance and account departments resulting in poor reporting, longer close times, and manual consolidation processes that prevented granular analysis.

In order to manage the day-to-day operations, the company leadership was being forced to run each subsidiary independently as there was no ability to gain a consolidated view of the operations without a heavily manual process.

Rapid Integration

Using a Rapid, OA was able to connect to multiple ERPs and extract the transaction level detail necessary to support all reporting requirements.

Once the data was captured, Pulse was leveraged to deliver the information back to the management team in an easy-to-digest format providing real-time consolidated reporting on the company's operations.



Faster Decisions

All Pulse reporting is built-up form transaction-level reporting. This means that the same data used to populate consolidated financial statements will be used to generate analysis on profitablity by the customer and by SKU or provide a detailed breakdown on working capital drivers to improve liquidity.

Now, accounting, sales, finance and operations are using a unified source of truth to make decisions at the speed of their business.

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