No More Excuses

NetSuite ERP is great for getting data into the platform, not getting insights out

Stop Blaming big data.

Big Data takes the fall a lot these days. While it can be unwieldy and cumbersome, the real culprits are big tech platforms like NetSuite ERP which have failed to keep up and from which the same can be said.

Introducing OverlayAnalytics

OverlayAnalytics is a turnkey, analytics SaaS platform, purpose-built for the needs of firms using NetSuite ERP. Pre-built connectors enable a seamless integration and the ability to normalize, model, and present your data through intuitive dashboards.

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Automate the extraction, transform and loading process across multiple data sources.

single source of truth

Turn large spreadsheets of raw data into business logic that empower actual decision making

intuitive reporting

Fully customizable reports and dashboards help you easily see virtually any insights or answer you need.

Case Study:

Uncovering Impossible Answers Buried in Billions of Lines of Data.

NetSuite has over 24,000 customers and to be frank, we have yet to hear the phrase, “I just love their reporting.” While legacy ERPs are great for collecting data, getting decision-ready KPIs out is a whole other ballgame.

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OverlayAnalytics is designed to eliminate all of the headaches and challenges surrounding big data and big tech platforms including data islands, incomplete data collection, and standard system reporting limitations.


Incredibly intuitive and powerfully customizable financial and operational reporting to every stakeholder.

Overcome the limitations of your current reports and see more clearly the signals that are driving change in your firm.

About Overlayanalytics

Impossible Answers

A modern data platform for the modern financial executive.

Designed for mid-market executives, OverlayAnalytics provides a single unified view of any organization, no matter the complexity. The end-to-end platform combines cutting-edge automation with a reimagined approach to financial reporting.

Within weeks of implementation, you’ll eliminate all data islands, solve data integrity issues, overcome system limitations within your current tech stack, and roll out an enhanced set of financial reports to your entire executive team.

Financial reporting hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years. Until now. The OverlayAnalytics platform reimagines financial reporting from the ground up providing executives with a single source of truth and some of the most intuitive and in-depth reports that are ready-to-go, out-of-the-box.


With all of the noise out there surrounding Big Data, we appreciate this seems improbable and so we’re asking you simply to try us.

Because at OverlayAnalytics, it’s our belief that seeing is believing.