OverlayAnalytics Wins The Global Snowflake Startup Challenge

Snowflake names OverlayAnalytics as the winner of its inaugural Startup Challenge. Selected from hundreds of applications submitted from 50+ countries, OverlayAnalytics is now in discussions with Snowflake Ventures regarding a potential investment.

Dallas, TX June 9, 2021, OverlayAnalytics has been named the winner of the inaugural Snowflake Startup Challenge.

Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, issued a global call for submissions over a five-month period in late 2020 and early 2021. A distinguished panel that includes Benoit Dageville, Co-Founder, Snowflake, Denise Persson, CMO, Snowflake, Mike Speiser, Managing Director, Sutter Hill Ventures, and Carl Eschenbach, Partner, Sequoia Capital, selected OverlayAnalytics from hundreds of applications from 50+ countries.

As the winner of the Snowflake Start-Up Challenge, OverlayAnalytics is now in discussions with Snowflake Ventures regarding a potential investment. Snowflake Ventures is born from Snowflake's deep-seated belief in the Data Cloud’s network effect and aims to foster innovation through investing in companies that demonstrate a commitment to mobilizing data and  deliver value to our customers

The OverlayAnalytics’ platform rethinks financial reporting from the ground up. The end-to-end application provides mid-market executives with a single unified view of their entire business while also providing analysts access to the underlying data models. The platform has been designed to eliminate data silos by visually and securely conveying a singular data narrative across a firm. 

OverlayAnalytics founder and CEO, Bryan Shupe, said, "This is a huge honor for our entire team at OverlayAnalytics, and an affirmation of our approach to helping mid-market companies regain the upper hand when it comes to financial reporting. We knew that building the financial reporting platform of tomorrow meant building on the Data Cloud of the future and couldn’t be more excited to deepen our partnership with Snowflake and Snowflake Ventures.”

“OverlayAnlaytics is filling a gap in the market between raw data and decisions for mid-market teams that typically can’t afford to hire an entire team of data scientists and analysts. Their vision is strong, their platform is proven and they have the team in place to scale. They are incredibly deserving of this designation and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with their team moving forward,” said Stefan Williams, Head of Corporate Development and Snowflake Ventures at Snowflake.

About OverlayAnalytics

OverlayAnalytics is on a mission to democratize data-driven decision-making for the middle market.

Founded with an audacious mission of building a turn-key platform that could quickly and easily deliver meaningful and digestible enhanced financial reporting no matter the size or complexity of the underlying business.

Our current customer profiles range from aerospace manufacturers to direct-to-consumer companies, to automotive and food distributors.

Find us at www.OverlayAnalytics.com.

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