Team Member Spotlight: Andrew Hudson, VP of Growth

The Overlay Team
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At Overlay, our people are the most important asset to building at strong company for our clients in finance leadership. From engineering and development to operations and sales, our business is only as strong as the hardworking team behind it. As we expand throughout 2022 and beyond, we'll highlight the extraordinary team members behind the work.

Andrew Hudson joined Overlay in August 2021, nearly one year ago, as the Vice President of Growth. Through this position, Andrew (better known to us as "Huddy") has helped to shape our go-to-market strategy and messaging around our platform. As we've introduced new features to help clients get a real-time pulse on their business, Huddy has been eager to learn from organizational leaders about the pain points they face in reporting. Now, he is laser-focused on strategic growth planning and establishing our brand within the market.

Meet Andrew Hudson

Where are you from?

Rye, New York

What do you like to do in your free time?

My three favorite things are going to concerts, sporting events, and taking long walks on the beach.

What lights your fire when you come to work every day?

The feeling that we are building something big at Overlay. Startups always take unexpected turns but keeping an eye on the larger goal in front of us and the growth we plan to achieve is that fire.

What does an average day at OverlayAnalytics look like for you?

Typically I'm doing a little bit of all of these each day: strategic growth planning, prospecting, industry research, introductory meetings, developing collateral, and assisting Overlay's growth team in any way I can.

What have been your biggest accomplishments with your team?

Understanding and establishing our go-to-market strategy.

What’s a little known fact about you?

I've been to over 50 Grateful Dead (or some version of the band) shows.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Chicago?

I absolutely love the music scene in Chicago. Live music is one of my favorite activities, and I've been lucky enough to see all of my favorite bands come through Chicago.

Favorite travel destination or trip you’ve taken?

San Sebastian in Spain. It's a beautiful coastal town in the north, right on the border of France. I remember it as one of the most relaxing trips I've ever taken. Lots of hanging on the beach and enjoying the sun. It has some incredible coastline views and a "Tapas Crawl" every Thursday, which is still some of the best seafood I've ever tasted.

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The Overlay Team

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