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Overlay was designed by former CFOs and CPAs to power decision-ready dashboards for private equity.

Finally, operating partners can keep their finger on the pulse of their portfolio companies with daily KPI updates and financial reporting to help them efficiently scale.

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Achieve greater observability of your Portfolio Companies

Overlay makes it easy for you to:
Monitor performance in near real-time.
Don’t wait until EOW or EOM to identify performance changes. Keep a pulse on your portfolio companies now. Work with CFOs to address root issues and make faster, informed decisions.
More value creation. Less data manipulation.
Finance and BI teams spend too much time turning data into insights. Overlay automates the process of extracting and transforming information from ERPs, POS, and other sub-ledgers into a secure data warehouse, reducing reporting time by 30%.
Avoid costly integrations.
The average integration process for ERPs can take anywhere from six to 21 months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Overlay connects to and standardizes data across disparate systems, allowing management teams to focus on value creation within weeks of an acquisition.

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Playbook For Enhanced Transparency & Returns

When intelligence is required to power better decision-making timing is a glaring issue. Most organizations, leveraging historical reporting tools and practices, can do one of two things:
Deliver uncontextualized data quickly.
Deliver contextualized intelligence too late.
For too long, as senior executives (or investors), we've had to choose our poison. Leading with modern data architecture allows PE sponsors to begin empowering defensible, intelligence-based decisions within weeks of acquisition.

Decision-Ready Dashboards

Designed for CFOs, with Private Equity firms and portfolio operations managers in mind, your data is ready to visualize in near real-time.

A Better Buy and Build Strategy

See how one Private Equity firm used Overlay to expedite the ongoing integration of acquisitions in support of the buy-build strategy.

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