Struggling with data silos?

Traditional ERPs do a great job at collecting data; however, extracting, analyzing, and reporting that same data is increasingly complex. A proliferation of SaaS tools further exacerbates the challenge of integrating disparate data sources.

OverlayAnalytics' Rapid tool makes the previously impossible task of consolidating data possible.

Introducing Rapid by OverlayAnalytics

OverlayAnalytics' proprietary ETL tool is the first step in your journey to answering the impossible.

By automating the extraction, transformation, and loading of your hard-earned data across multiple sources, Rapid provides your data in a trusted, secure data warehouse in near real-time.

No More Guessing

The OverlayAnalytics Rapid tool was developed with data integrity in mind. Using our in-flight data verification and completeness processes, you can be sure you are always answering questions with all of the facts.

Case Studies

Are you ready to explore the impossible?

Don’t Trust Us.
With all of the noise out there surrounding Big Data, we appreciate this seems improbable and so we’re asking you not to trust us, but try us.

Because at OverlayAnalytics, it’s our belief that seeing is believing.