All data and no answers?

For too long financial reporting and analytics have been unapproachable for those of us without CPAs. Block-based rows and columns of meaningless data rarely help us answer the questions that really matter.

Introducing Atom by OverlayAnalytics

Atom by OverlayAnalytics brings your data to life. Built on a basis of truth and modeled to answer the questions that matter most, Atom enables the answers to jump off your screen.

Intuitive, easy-to-interpret, and meaningful visualizations of financial data put the power back in the hands of your decision-makers.

Seeing is Believing

Accessed through a single, centralized portal, Atom brings the culmination of your data journey to life.

Pulse, our enhanced visual reporting package, serves as the backbone for your decision-making needs. Bringing impactful context to flat financial information, providing a venue for customized and repeatable KPIs, Atom answers those questions that seemed impossible.

Case Studies

Are you ready to explore the impossible?

Don’t Trust Us. With all of the noise out there surrounding Big Data, we appreciate this seems improbable and so we’re asking you not to trust us, but try us.

Because at OverlayAnalytics, it’s our belief that seeing is believing.