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Turn your organizational data into actionable insights. OverlayAnalytics empowers mid-market finance teams with answers to their most pressing organizational questions.

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Connect to any data source or bi tool

OverlayAnalytics connects with any open data source, so you can visualize your financial & operational analytics.

enhanced financial reporting

Finance teams and private equity sponsors trust OverlayAnalytics to standardize data & visualize performance from their ERP, CRM, POS, and other sources to make critical business decisions, faster.

Plastics Manufacturing

A roll-up strategy caused poor reporting, long close times, and manual consolidation.


faster decisions made, thanks to a consolidated view of business performance.

Aerospace Manufacturing

A new team inherited legacy data technology that was heavily manual and prone to user error.


working capital increase and automated reporting process achieved.

Dining Chain

Nearly Impossible to understand individual store performance with data streaming in from POS, food & labor, marketing and headquarters.


reporting hours saved per week with top-notch forecasting.

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2021 Winner of The Global Snowflake Startup Challenge

A panel of distinguished judges for the Snowflake Startup Challenge named OverlayAnalytics as one of the most promising data and analytics startups in the world. Our platform was selected amongst hundreds of applications submitted from 50+ countries.

Eliminate DOubt.
Make Critical Decisions.
with COnfidence.

The end-to-end platform combines cutting-edge automation with a reimagined approach to financial reporting.

OverlayAnalytics is designed for mid-market executives, so you'll get a reliable, unified view of any organization's performance, no matter how complex the data.

Make QUICK decisions

Gain access to near real-time financials that provide the most accurate information possible for executive decision-making.

Be strategicALLY ALIGNED

Stop tracking down reports. Spend more time conducting analysis and leading your team with customizable executive dashboards.

Don't rip and replace

Translate your Enterprise Resource Planning data into digestible insights and enhance your Business Intelligence tools.

get The power of An Entire Data
Science Team.

Every executive should be able to make quick, informed decisions—no matter how much data there is to consider.

OverlayAnalytics eliminates the need to hire an entire data science team to make sense of it all.

Within weeks of implementation, watch data islands disappear, overcome system limitations within your current tech stack, and roll out enhanced financial reporting to your entire executive team.

How It Works

OverlayAnalytics connects your ERP, third-party applications, and teams in one place, giving you instant access to performance at the macro and micro-level.

No more digging for impossible answers.

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