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Get your organizational data off the shelf with powerful financial reporting and modern analytics, built on Snowflake.

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Built on the OverlayAnalytics framework, Pulse powers dashboards for your entire executive suite

Pulse Executive Dashboard: Gross Margin
Pulse Executive Dashboard: Executive Summary
Pulse Executive Dashboard: Accounts Receivable

Hire an expensive consulting firm to build a modern business intelligence framework for your organization, or go it alone? Now you have a third option.

OverlayAnalytics supplies your entire C-suite with some of the most advanced financial reporting capabilities and executive dashboards on the market.

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How the
Platform Works

Eliminate Disparate Data

Automates the extract, transform, & load process across multiple data sources, such as ERP, CRM, and POS, into a trusted, secure data warehouse in near real time.

Brings Context into the Picture

Turns rows and columns into business logic that acts as a single source of truth for analysis
and value creation.

Enhances Financial & Operational Reporting

Uses clear signals that highlight changes in performance and helps stakeholders diagnose the
root cause of a spike or drop in revenue.

Builds on Modern Business Intelligence

Provides executives with a single unified view of their entire business while also providing analysts access to the underlying data models.


Pre-built connectors turn your data into practical insights.


A platform capable of replicating an entire data science team.


No second-guessing. Now, leadership will always be on the same page.


Decision-ready executive dashboards are available in near real-time.

Give Misalignment and Delayed
the Boot

Year after year, billions of dollars are spent on ERPs, accounting tools, CRMs, and more. And yet, over half of all data goes unused.

OverlayAnalytics eliminates the runaround, taking on the heavy lifting between data collection and decision time.

This end-to-end platform seamlessly extracts, centralizes, models, and standardizes data from any source, readying it for advanced reporting.

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