Case Study: Private-Equity Owned Automotive Parts Distributor

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Supporting an Industry Consolidation Strategy

A private-equity-backed recycler and reseller of automotive parts was undergoing rapid expansion as part of an industry consolidation strategy. On average, the company completed between six and eight “add-on” acquisitions of competitors each year.

Historically, each new acquisition, complete with its own financial and operational reporting systems, required months of dedicated finance and IT team support to integrate into the company’s legacy data warehousing and architecture.

Senior management, and private equity sponsorship, were struggling to get the visibility and intelligence required to drive value quickly.

Overlay was engaged to expedite the ongoing integration of acquisitions in support of the buy-and-build strategy.

Leveraging our Prism offering, Overlay mapped the various financial and operational information systems into common, repeatable business logic, automated the daily (near-real-time) extraction of information from the various systems, harmonized all of the captured and remodeled data into a data warehouse, and automated the population of financial and operational reporting through our reporting platform, Pulse.

As a new acquisition was completed, Overlay could leverage its previously defined system mapping and Prism models to immediately ingest the new acquisitions’ financial and operational data consistently. The new information was seamlessly stitched into the existing, validated reporting suite with a simple change to the reporting logic.

Today, the company has reduced the time required to integrate a new acquisition into its financial and operational reporting suite to less than 5 days. Irrespective of the underlying ERP or historical financial metric definitions, our client can now view its growing business holistically and confidently.

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