Case Study: Private-Equity Owned Automotive Parts Distributor

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About this Project

A private-equity-backed agricultural supply company that had recently completed a significant restructuring was struggling to prepare meaningful financial reporting to power executive-level decision-making.

The company had been engaged on a non-recurring basis to oversee a large-scale agricultural project that produced significant revenues and expenses. Operating from a single instance of their ERP, finance was forced to track project revenues and expenses in Excel to produce a “normalized” financial analysis for senior management every month.

Management and the private equity sponsor often waited 15-20 days after month-end before being presented with normalized business views.

Overlay worked with management to identify the properties and flags natively captured by the ERP, which allowed us to isolate those transactions specific to the special project via our unique Prism mapping process.

Having automated the extraction, consolidation, and modeling of the underlying ERP data into a data warehouse, Overlay bifurcated the financial performance of the ongoing operations from that of the special project. 

Today, while accessing near-real-time financial reporting via Overlay’s reporting application, Pulse, various stakeholders can, with the click of a button, review the normalized performance of the business against its prior performance on an apples-to-apples basis.

Private-Equity Backed Supplier
Agricultural Supplies

Struggling to prepare meaningful financial reporting

Forced to track project revenues and expenses in Excel

Normalized business views took 15-20 days after month-end

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