Case Study: Private-Equity Owned Automotive Parts Distributor

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A large-scale commercial printing company in Canada struggled to digest its historical financial information due to dislocated definitions concerning key metrics. 

At a working session held on-site at their location, we asked each member of senior management to define their understanding and calculation of “margin”, a term which was interlaced in each of their discussions concerning performance. Unsurprisingly, no two members of the team (including two members of the finance department!) shared the same understanding of margin (or many other key performance indicators of their business).

Overlay, leveraging Prism, mapped the various financial and operational information systems into common, repeatable business logic, automated the daily extraction of information from the various systems, harmonized all of the captured and remodeled data into a data warehouse, and automated the population of financial and operational reporting through its front-end application, Pulse.

Based on a working session with senior management, key financial and operational metrics were defined (and their calculations agreed upon), and then crystallized into Overlay’s metric layer, Prism. 

Today, all members of senior management at the company leverage the Overlay reporting platform and share a common understanding of the key metrics critical to managing the organization's performance.

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Dislocated definitions on key business metrics

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